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Uplifting Communities with Data-Driven Homelessness Solutions

Empowering policymakers and organizations with the data, insights, and tools needed for effective homelessness strategies.

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Our comprehensive suite of products and services are designed to arm you with effective, scalable homelessness solutions. Together, we can build a future where everyone can access safe, affordable housing.

Data, Analytics & Expertise

The Foundation of Every Effective Solution

Deep, data-driven insights are at the heart of understanding and creating long-lasting solutions for homelessness.

Our cutting-edge data and analytics platform, Karto, brings together diverse social data into a single, accessible software while pairing you with our team of social experts, who will support you in addressing your community's housing & homelessness challenges.

Case Management Software

Streamline Operations, Improve Client Care

Mareto, our advanced case management software, is designed specifically for homeless services. It brings together comprehensive data, analytics, and case management tools to streamline operations and improve service delivery.

The key benefit of our platform is its unmatched customization, which allows each organization to effectively manage client journeys from intake to final outcome.

Systems Navigation

Simplifying Access to Essential Services

Finding the right help at the right time can be challenging in the complex landscape of support services for those experiencing homelessness. Our Systems Navigation service acts as a compass for individuals and families, guiding them through the maze of available social services.

By simplifying access to critical resources, a social services search engine like Navigi ensures that those in need can connect with the assistance they require swiftly and efficiently.

Housing Needs Assessments

Targeted Solutions for Your Community

Every community has unique challenges and needs.

Our housing needs assessments deliver detailed insights into the specific demands of your population, ensuring that housing strategies are accurately aligned with local requirements.

Custom Data Analysis

Insights for Informed Decision Making

From Point-in-Time (PiT) data to Homeless Information Management System data, we offer customized data analysis solutions for your specific needs. Our approach ensures accurate data gathering, analyzing everything from large-scale demographic trends to individual service usage patterns.

This gives you a complete understanding of homelessness in your community, allowing you to make informed decisions and implement effective, evidence-based strategies.

Strategic Frameworks

A Blueprint for Action

Developing a strategic framework is key to turning insights into action.

We collaborate with you to create a tailored, data-driven plan that outlines clear steps to achieve your goals, from immediate interventions to long-term strategies, helping you turn data into action.

Systems Mapping

Navigating the Landscape of Homelessness

Systems mapping equips you with a comprehensive view of the existing service ecosystem, identifying gaps and overlaps in service delivery.

This holistic perspective is crucial for streamlining resources and enhancing the efficiency of homelessness interventions.

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