WEBINAR:   Engaging Lived Experience and Frontline Service Staff in Shaping Data Collection Systems for Collective Impact, July 18, 2024, 10am MST.   Register Here


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July 18, 2024 10:00 AM MST

Engaging Lived Experience and Frontline Service Staff in Shaping Data Collection Systems for Collective Impact

Join us for an insightful webinar focused on the critical role of lived experience and frontline service staff in the design and development of effective data collection systems. This session will delve into how their unique perspectives can shape a more responsive and accurate data infrastructure, ultimately leading to transformative collective impact.

Why Attend

Drive Systems Change: Understand how incorporating the voices of those with lived experience and frontline staff is essential for creating a holistic and impactful data collection system that drives significant shifts in your organizational and service systems.

Foster Collective Impact: Learn how collaborative approaches in data collection contribute to broader community goals and enhanced outcomes.

Learn from Mareto: Gain valuable insights from the implementation of the Mareto system, highlighting successes, challenges, and key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

Enhanced Data Accuracy: How lived experience insights can lead to more accurate and meaningful data.

Improved Service Delivery: Ways in which frontline staff contributions can refine service delivery models.

Collaborative Approach: Strategies for fostering a collaborative environment that values and integrates diverse perspectives.


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Data Harmonization for Systems Change Utilizing Ontologies for Cross Sector Impact

n an era of complex social challenges, it is essential to recognize that while each client, program, and organization is distinct, they all contribute to a broader ecosystem. This webinar introduces an advanced ontology that bridges communication across funders, service providers, and stakeholders, ensuring data collected at the client-service interaction level is effectively aggregated to assess broader systems impacts.

June 18, 2024

Meet Mareto: Empowering Social Services Through Advanced Case Management Software

This webinar will provide an in-depth exploration of Mareto, a state-of-the-art case management platform designed to enhance service delivery through advanced case management, seamless service integration, coordinated care, and unparalleled customization. If you are involved in direct client services or program management, Mareto offers tools and insights that drive transformative social impact.

May 14, 2024

Harnessing Data for Social Impact: A Comprehensive Guide to the Data Lifecycle

This session is meticulously crafted for professionals in strategic roles, aiming to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Whether you are working at the client, program, organizational, or system level or even broader ecosystems, this webinar will guide you through effectively leveraging data to drive positive change and achieve impactful outcomes.

April 25, 2024

How Data & Analytics Can Help Address Complex Social Challenges

Tailored for community leaders, data analysts, and organizations, this enlightening session delves into innovative, data-driven strategies poised to revolutionize our approach to social challenges. Uncover the power of analytics in crafting solutions that not only address but also anticipate the needs of communities facing these critical issues.

March 21, 2024

Empowering Youth and Children: A Data Driven Approach

Enhance your understanding of data's impact on youth through advanced techniques, success stories, and expert insights. This webinar features interactive panels with industry pioneers like Mariana Catz from Kids Help Phone, Rob Moltzahn from the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre, and Michael Morgan from Langley School District.

February 28, 2024

2024 Social Outlook: Trends and Transformations

As we step into 2024, a year brimming with potential and challenges, our "2024 Social Outlook" webinar offers a panoramic view of the key social, political, and economic trends that will shape our communities and policies. This insightful session is designed to guide leaders, policymakers, and engaged citizens through the complexities of the upcoming year.

January 18, 2024

Homelessness in Canada: A Data-Informed Response

This session highlights how data informs policy and actions across the nation, from the rise of encampments to the use of AI and predictive modeling. Discover the impact of data-driven insights on strategic planning and resource allocation, and learn about the collaborative efforts and local applications that address homelessness effectively.

November 30, 2023

AI-supported Social Needs Assessment: Product Launch - Discover the Magic Behind the Method

Dive deep into the workings of the AI-supported Social Needs Assessment and gain firsthand knowledge of its innovative features and capabilities. If you're passionate about elevating social needs assessments with state-of-the-art technology and the expert knowledge that HelpSeeker brings to the table, this session is a must-attend.

November 2, 2023

Innovations in Funding: The Rise of AI-Supported Grant Applications

Explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in grant applications. This webinar will highlight the shift from traditional methods to AI-driven processes, emphasizing the precision, data-driven insights, and efficiency championed by Karto. A must-attend for communities, organizations, and stakeholders aiming for precision and efficiency in securing funds.

October 12, 2023

AI and Housing Needs Assessments

Explore the integration of AI in social infrastructure planning. This session highlights how AI-driven assessments can revolutionize traditional, labor-intensive housing needs assessments by enhancing efficiency and precision. It contrasts AI methods with traditional techniques, demonstrates their benefits, and discusses the balance between AI automation and human expertise.

September 21, 2023

Navigating the Housing Challenge: Insights from Inflation Trends and Data-Driven Solutions in Canada

Explore the complexities of Canada's affordable housing crisis in this recorded webinar. As urban populations grow and inflation rates fluctuate, the webinar delves into the root causes of increasing homeownership challenges, the role of inflation, and how data-driven decision-making can provide effective solutions. Watch to gain a deeper understanding of these pressing issues.

August 24, 2023

Strategic Impact Investing: Harnessing Data-Driven Insights for Transformational Social Change

Learn how to ensure your investments have a meaningful social impact in this interactive session by HelpSeeker Technologies and The Sector. This workshop covers strategic, data-driven decision-making and the use of technology to merge financial intelligence with social data trends, aiming to foster significant societal change.

July 13, 2023

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