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Social Trends Explorer

Uncover Insights. Drive Change.

The Social Trends Explorer is a tool for local governments and non-profits with intuitive, visually engaging data at the community and neighbourhood level. Easily identify community needs and make data-driven decisions that matter.

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You’ve got questions, the Social Trends Explorer has answers.

How does my community rank in housing insecurity compared to others?

Which neighbourhoods are at risk of adverse well-being?

Which neighbourhoods may benefit most from low-cost youth programs?

Why is my program needed in this neighbourhood?

For Local Governments

Create social needs assessments quickly.

Demonstrate to council how your community compares across a wide range of data indicators.

Generate data visualizations quickly for reports and presentations. 

Shape effective community safety and well-being strategies with data insights.

Use data to identify priority areas and allocate resources efficiently.

For Non-Profit Organizations

Prove community needs for grant applications and funding opportunities.

Use engaging data visualization to convey the importance and impact of your work.

Use data to identify underserved areas and expand your programs strategically.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Detailed Neighborhood Maps

Dive into data for over 5,000 communities and 55,000 neighborhoods.

Straight-forward Visualizations

Simplify complex data with clear, easy-to-read visuals.

Community Comparisons

Instantly see how your community measures up against others in the province on key social metrics.

Layered Mapping

Layer multiple maps to understand community needs.

Report-Ready Downloads

Access high-quality data visualizations for specific neighborhoods and seamlessly integrate them into reports and presentations to support your initiatives.

Gain the insights you need to drive impactful change in your community.

Get full access for only $29/mo