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Streamlining Social Data for Impactful Change

Karto is the quintessential platform for anyone seeking to transform communities through data-driven decision-making.

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Designed to Empower Users

from Community Planners to Policymakers to Non-profit Organizations – with comprehensive insights, trends, and analytics for strategic community planning, funding, and social improvement initiatives.

One-Stop Data Hub

Karto consolidates diverse social data from many sources into a single, accessible software.

This centralized approach eliminates the hassle of sourcing information from multiple locations, saving you time, money, and resources.

Access Social Experts

Karto transcends a traditional data platform.

It’s a holistic solution that also pairs you with our team of social experts, who will support you in solving the most complex social issues.

Data-Driven Community Planning

With Karto, understanding the specific social support and services needed in your community becomes crystal clear.

The platform gives you a clear view of current trends and future needs and highlights gaps or overlaps in existing social services.

This level of insight is crucial for effective community support planning.

Cost-Effective Solution

By providing all the necessary data and expertise in one place, Karto cuts down on the costs associated with gathering information from multiple sources, saving you money while accelerating the decision-making process.

Guiding Policy Decisions

The insights derived from Karto are not just numbers and graphs; they are powerful narratives that drive policy decisions. Users can shape impactful policies by understanding their communities' real needs and trends.

Karto is more than a tool.

It's your partner in fostering vibrant, well-supported communities. With Karto, every decision is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference.