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A Data-Driven Approach to Addressing Domestic Violence

Lead meaningful change for safer futures.

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Our products and services empower policymakers, non-profit organizations, and social services in ensuring safety and support for victims of abuse while fostering lasting change in communities affected.

Data & Analytics

Understand Complexities of Domestic Violence

Using our industry-leading data and analytics platform, Karto, you can delve into the complexities of domestic violence and abuse, uncovering critical insights that remain unseen without deep analysis.

By identifying hidden patterns, risk factors, and the effectiveness of existing interventions, Karto equips you with the knowledge to make data-driven decisions while pairing you with our team of social experts, who will support you in addressing domestic violence in your community.

Case Management Software

Enhance Coordination, Improve Client Care

Mareto provides a comprehensive care solution for domestic violence organizations. It streamlines workflows, enables detailed client profiles and tailored safety plans, ensures robust data security and compliance, simplifies reporting and facilitates collaboration with other agencies.

Additionally, real-time analytics support data-driven decision-making, optimizing strategies for better client outcomes​.

Systems Navigation

Simplifying the Pathway to Help

Systems navigation simplifies the complex network of services available to domestic violence survivors. A tool like Navigi guides individuals and families through the available social services and resources, ensuring they receive the support they need promptly and efficiently.

Our navigation tools are designed to make the journey toward help and healing as straightforward as possible for those affected.

Needs Assessments

Customize Interventions for Localized Supports

Understanding that domestic violence manifests differently across communities, we conduct thorough needs assessments to help you grasp the unique challenges and resources of each area.

This meticulous process enables us to recommend customized, community-specific strategies that address the precise needs of victims, stakeholders, and service providers, fostering interventions that resonate on a local level.

Custom Data Analysis

Informing Policy with Precision and Empathy

Our custom data analysis goes beyond general statistics to provide you with detailed insights into the dynamics of domestic violence and abuse within diverse populations and circumstances. By analyzing data from a variety of sources, including law enforcement, healthcare, and social services, we unveil the multifaceted nature of abuse and its impacts.

This analysis informs the creation of sensitive policies and programs that target the roots of domestic violence and support healing and prevention.

Strategic Planning

Long-Term Solutions and Prevention

Equipped with comprehensive data and insights, we collaborate closely with you to develop strategic plans that tackle both the symptoms and causes of domestic violence. Our strategies are not only designed to provide relief and support to survivors but also to initiate systemic changes that prevent future violence.

By focusing on education, awareness, and community engagement, we aim to cultivate environments where domestic violence is actively countered at every level.

Systems Mapping

Crafting an Ecosystem of Support

Systems mapping dissects the intricate web of domestic violence support services, creating a detailed blueprint of the current landscape for you.

This analysis illuminates the connections, overlaps, and gaps within the service ecosystem, enabling organizations to identify critical points for intervention and optimize the coordination of support services for people in need.

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