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Data-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Community Safety

Guiding you through the challenges of community safety with expert precision.

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Our comprehensive suite of products and services equips you with everything you need to address and mitigate complex challenges surrounding community safety.

Data & Analytics

Uncovering the Realities of Community Safety

Our industry-leading data and analytics platform for the social sector, Karto, allows you to uncover the trends, patterns, and underlying issues that influence community safety and security by bringing together diverse social data into a single, accessible software.

Karto is more than software, it pairs you with our team of social experts, who will support you in addressing the safety challenges in your community.

Systems Mapping

A Path to Improved Community Safety

Systems mapping provides a detailed overview of your community's safety infrastructure, pinpointing both the strengths and challenges within current systems. This thorough analysis is vital for optimizing resources and improving the effectiveness of safety measures.

By understanding the intricate web of services, stakeholders, and policies, you can identify opportunities for meaningful interventions and foster a more secure environment for all community members.

Systems Navigation

Guiding You to Effective Solutions

Navigating the complex ecosystem of community safety services can be daunting.

Navigi provides you with a searchable map to the available resources, programs, and social services in your community allowing you to fill the gaps in support while simplifying the search for critical resources. Ensuring that those in need can connect with the appropriate support services.

Community Safety Needs Assessments

Understanding Your Unique Challenges

No two communities are the same, and neither are their safety needs. Our Community Safety Needs Assessments are tailored to identify the specific challenges and risks your community faces.

By understanding these unique dynamics, we can develop targeted strategies that address the root causes of safety concerns.

Data Analysis

Turning Information into Action

Our comprehensive data analysis goes beyond the surface, exploring various dimensions of community safety from crime statistics to environmental factors.

This holistic view allows us to pinpoint effective interventions and measure their impact, ensuring your strategies are impactful and sustainable.

Strategic Planning

Crafting a Path Forward

Developing evidence-based, actionable plans that not only address current safety concerns but also promote long-term resilience and security is necessary for any community safety strategy.

Strategic planning allows you to be adaptable in the face of your community’s changing conditions and challenges.

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