Lethbridge Community Wellbeing Needs Assessment Report

City of Lethbridge

Lethbridge City Council holds a broad mandate to ensure effective governance, foster a safe and viable community, and deliver essential services. In line with this mandate, the Council's Social Policy envisions a Lethbridge where every individual, family, and community has access to opportunities that promote healthy development and wellbeing.

To translate the vision of this Social Policy into action, the Community Social Development (CSD) department has initiated a comprehensive process. This process, grounded in research, data analysis, best practices, and community engagement, aims to develop the Community Social Development Strategy. This endeavor is part of a larger effort to inform the future Lethbridge Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy (CWSS).

The Needs Assessment conducted by the City plays a crucial role in connecting various aspects related to social policy. While the immediate focus is on the CSD Strategic Plan, this work sets the stage for the more extensive CWSS. The CWSS will act as a guide, highlighting priority social issues and collaborative approaches for the community to address them. The CSD Strategy, in turn, will outline specific future directions for the department. Thus, the City will be equipped with both a foundational framework for the CWSS and a CSD Strategy tailored to its unique roles and responsibilities.

It is also important to recognize that other strategic planning initiatives were being developed simultaneously with the CSD Strategy. These include the Municipal Housing Strategy and the Community Drug Strategy. To ensure a cohesive approach, there was a continuous exchange of data and insights across these three initiatives. This collaborative effort ensures that all strategies are complementary and aligned in their objectives and outcomes.

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