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A Revolutionary Case Management Software Designed Exclusively for the Social Sector.

Meet Mareto, the next evolution in case management software designed exclusively for the social sector, ushering in a new era of coordinated care, privacy, and customization tailored to meet the unique challenges and complexities of social services.

Whether you're a homeless shelter, food bank, employment agency, or other social service organization, Mareto meets your operational needs and client care strategies with precision by providing a tailored approach to managing client journeys from the initial intake to the final outcome.

Fully Customizable to Your Unique Needs

Adaptability at Its Core: Mareto stands apart with its unparalleled customization. Tailor everything from assessments and care plans to workflows and data entry fields, ensuring that Mareto fits your organization like a glove.

Whether you're a homeless shelter, food bank, or employment agency, Mareto reflects your operational models and client care strategies with precision.

Uncompromised Privacy and Security

Your Data, Guarded: Hosted on Canadian servers and built with the most sophisticated access controls, Mareto prioritizes your data's privacy and security above all.

Navigate the complexities of social services with peace of mind, knowing your client data is protected by the best in the industry.

Streamlined Coordinated Care and Referral Management

Connect and Collaborate
Break down silos with Mareto’s advanced referral management. Seamlessly connect with your team and with other organizations and services, ensuring clients receive comprehensive, continuous support tailored to their diverse needs.

Insightful Data Analytics and Visualization

Informed Decisions, Better Outcomes
Leverage real-time insights and advanced analytics to make informed decisions. Enhance service delivery and impact with data-driven strategies that illuminate the path forward.

Accessible Anywhere,

Access critical information and manage care on the go. Mareto’s mobile capabilities ensure you stay connected and responsive, enabling you to provide uninterrupted service delivery no matter where you are.

Benefits of Mareto

Explore the unique advantages Mareto offers to specific industries, showcasing tailored solutions for maximizing efficiency, enhancing client care, and achieving better outcomes.

Housing Services

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Food Banks

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Child Services

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Homeless Shelters

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Domestic Violence Services

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Employment Services

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Meet Mareto

The future of social services software is here. Book a meeting today to learn how Mareto can help track client data and measure the impact of organizational and team efforts.

Enable the safe sharing of client information across organizations to speed up referrals, and match clients to the right service faster and accelerate collective impact.