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Your Compass to Social Services.

Navigi is the go-to search engine for anyone looking for available social services and support systems in their community.

Easy Access to Social Services

Navigi makes finding social services simple. Whether you're looking for housing assistance, food banks, mental health support, financial aid, or resources for dealing with addiction and domestic violence, Navigi puts them on a map and guides you to the right places quickly and efficiently.

For Everyone in Need

Navigi is a resource for all individuals needing social support.

It's especially beneficial for those seeking immediate assistance like shelter or food banks.

The search engine has access to diverse social services, ensuring everyone can get the help they need.

Comprehensive Support Network

From economic aid to domestic and mental health support, Navigi encompasses a broad spectrum of social services.

It's a single destination for various forms of social assistance, eliminating the need to search multiple sources.

Navigi is more than just a search engine.

It's a lifeline for those seeking social support. It stands as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals to the help they need when they need it. With Navigi, the right social services are just a few clicks away.