Lethbridge Community Wellbeing Strategic Plan

City of Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge’s Community Social Development (CSD) department has successfully completed a rigorous process to establish its 5-year Strategic Plan, rooted in extensive research, data analysis, best practices, and community engagement. A critical component of this initiative was a comprehensive Needs Assessment, which integrated insights from various sources: available data, public engagement, consultations, other initiatives, and social asset mapping. This assessment was instrumental in identifying key social challenges within Lethbridge.

Throughout the community engagement phase, it became increasingly evident that a concerted, collaborative effort among stakeholders addressing social issues was imperative. Stakeholders overwhelmingly endorsed a unified approach to consolidate various ongoing efforts, aiming to maximize their impact. The research and consultations converged on the idea of developing a comprehensive Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy (CWSS). This strategy would focus on high-level priorities and align community efforts towards common goals with clearly defined responsibilities and timelines.

The process also highlighted the City's role as a facilitator and coordinator, bringing together diverse initiatives to formulate and implement the CWSS. In line with the evolving direction of the CWSS, the CSD Strategic Plan is based on the City’s commitment to support this community-driven approach.

Looking ahead, the City plans to serve as the foundational support for the development of the Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy, collaborating closely with key stakeholders to ensure its successful implementation.

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