2023 Strathmore Social Needs Assessment


The Town of Strathmore engaged HelpSeeker Technologies to enhance its approach to data generation, processing, and insight development from a variety of data sources, emphasizing the importance of community engagement. In collaboration with the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) team, HelpSeeker worked alongside community partners to collect, analyze, and interpret data for this summary report, as well as for the more detailed technical report and data compendium.

Community Context:

Strathmore, established in 1883 as a key location for prairie settlers along the Canadian Pacific Railway, has historical roots as the home to the Blackfoot and Cree Indigenous Peoples. The area is notable for the signing of Treaty 7, involving leaders such as Chief Crowfoot and Chief Old Sun. Presently, the nearby Siksika First Nation is an integral part of the region's fabric. Initially an agricultural hub, Strathmore has evolved into a diverse community known for its affordable housing, quality of life, and urban amenities, with its growth fueled partly by its proximity to Calgary.

COVID Social Impacts:

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected various aspects of society, including mental health, the economy, and social issues like poverty and housing insecurity. The town has experienced widespread job losses, financial strain, and increased poverty and housing insecurity, necessitating a proactive approach to social infrastructure planning, particularly in the post-pandemic era

Value of Social Needs Assessments:

The 2022 Social Needs Assessment in Strathmore underscores the importance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders to tackle ongoing and emerging social challenges. As the town's population diversifies, comprehending the unique backgrounds and needs of its citizens becomes crucial. Municipalities, as conveners and systems planning entities, play a pivotal role in developing and implementing effective social support systems. This assessment has been instrumental in identifying key priorities that align with the Town of Strathmore's Strategic Priorities. It emphasizes the necessity of strategic collaboration with provincial and federal partners to address community needs through a data-driven, comprehensive, and systems-based approach to well-being.

The FCSS program in Alberta, offering flexible funding and resources, enables the tailoring of programs and services to meet specific community needs and priorities. The Social Needs Assessment serves as an evidence-based foundation for developing an integrated action plan, addressing both emerging and existing social issues in collaboration with community stakeholders.

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