Abbotsford BC Housing Needs Report


Over the last decade, Abbotsford, a rapidly growing community, has undergone significant changes, including shifts in population, demographics, escalating land values, housing costs, market conditions, and housing pressures. To address these challenges and better understand their implications on housing needs, the City of Abbotsford commissioned the Housing Needs Report (HNR). This initiative aligns with the Government of BC’s 2018 Housing Needs Reports legislation, which requires all local governments to gather and analyze data to determine current and prospective housing needs. This legislation was introduced in response to similar pressures in various BC communities.

The HNR comprehensively reviews relevant social and economic data, including recent housing strategies and reports, and incorporates insights from engagements with local agencies. This approach facilitates a shared understanding of the trends and issues affecting housing in Abbotsford. The report assesses the progress made in addressing housing issues and encapsulates the community context for the implementation of the 2020 Abbotsford Affordable Housing Strategy and the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP). A primary objective of both these documents is to increase the availability of affordable ownership, rental, and supported housing, offering diverse types for all life stages and enabling residents to remain in their neighborhoods as they age. Additionally, these documents guide the City in implementing specific actions, policies, and measures to provide diverse and affordable housing options.

The insights from the HNR are aimed at identifying and prioritizing crucial areas of need, thereby supporting the implementation of the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy. This report will play a pivotal role in guiding the development of related initiatives over the next five years, ensuring that the evolving housing requirements of Abbotsford's growing community are effectively met.

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