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Lethbridge Community Wellbeing Strategic Plan

City of Lethbridge
The City of Lethbridge’s Community Social Development (CSD) department has successfully completed a rigorous process to establish its 5-year Strategic Plan, rooted in extensive research, data analysis, best practices, and community engagement. A critical component of this initiative was a comprehensive Needs Assessment, which integrated insights from various sources: available data, public engagement, consultations, other initiatives, and social asset mapping.
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Lethbridge Community Wellbeing Needs Assessment Report

City of Lethbridge
Lethbridge City Council holds a broad mandate to ensure effective governance, foster a safe and viable community, and deliver essential services. To translate the vision of this Social Policy into action, the Community Social Development (CSD) department has initiated a comprehensive process. This process, grounded in research, data analysis, best practices, and community engagement, aims to develop the Community Social Development Strategy.
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Abbotsford BC Housing Needs Report

The insights from the HNR are aimed at identifying and prioritizing crucial areas of need, thereby supporting the implementation of the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy. This report will play a pivotal role in guiding the development of related initiatives over the next five years, ensuring that the evolving housing requirements of Abbotsford's growing community are effectively met.
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Red Deer Community Housing and Homelessness 5-Year Integrated Plan

City of Red Deer
Continuously assessing our community's response to housing and homelessness needs is crucial. The Community Housing & Homelessness Integrated Plan is a testament to this, encapsulating a decade of research and action, enriched with input from over 2,700 community voices. The aim is to spark a renewed sense of commitment, energy, creativity, and hope, driving forward the Plan's implementation.
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Nanaimo Health and Housing Action Plan

City of Naniamo
The Health and Housing Task Force, appointed by the City Council, is dedicated to elevating health and housing as key community priorities. With a unified goal of ensuring health and housing for all, the Task Force has developed the Health and Housing Action Plan, a strategic five-year roadmap aimed at fostering collaboration and initiating bold actions. To formulate this Plan, the Task Force undertook a comprehensive community engagement and research process throughout 2020. This process was pivotal in identifying the specific needs and priorities within Nanaimo.
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2023 Strathmore Social Needs Assessment

The Town of Strathmore engaged HelpSeeker Technologies to enhance its approach to data generation, processing, and insight development from a variety of data sources, emphasizing the importance of community engagement. In collaboration with the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) team, HelpSeeker worked alongside community partners to collect, analyze, and interpret data for this summary report, as well as for the more detailed technical report and data compendium.
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Persona Mapping – Data-Based Representative Profile

HelpSeeker Technologies
Persona mapping replaces impersonal statistics with a composite 'persona' that exemplifies a typical member's experiences of safety and well-being. By bringing data to life, it enhances our understanding of the real-world impact of our decisions.
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