Quesnel Service and Housing Options Review For Vulnerable Populations

City of Quesnel

This report aims to present a comprehensive analysis of housing and support services needed to address vulnerabilities faced by select populations in the City of Quesnel.

These communities are Lhtako Dene Nation, Nazko First Nation, Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation, and ?Esdilagh First Nation, collectively referred to as the Communities. The purpose of this project is to explore the specific needs of these populations to develop targeted solutions that can effectively reduce the risk of homelessness.

The approach is multifaceted, entailing a thorough evaluation of existing resources, an assessment of the current and future unmet needs, and the formulation of tailored recommendations to enhance the support infrastructure.

The report is structured around four primary objectives. Each objective encompasses specific deliverables, which may be expanded on by the consultant to ensure the goals of the project are comprehensively met. These objectives include the development of a baseline for current services and housing options, an estimate of the unmet housing needs for vulnerable persons, the provision of recommendations to address these unmet needs, and the supply of guidelines to the Communities for effective engagement and response to the challenges identified.

Through the strategic identification of gaps, evaluation of current models, and the assimilation of community feedback, this report seeks to offer actionable insights and guidelines that can foster a robust support system, mitigate the risk of homelessness, and lay the foundation for sustainable community-specific and joint initiatives.

The outcomes are able to serve as an important resource for the Communities in their efforts to create a resilient and inclusive environment for all members, particularly the most vulnerable.

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