Childcare in Abbotsford: Current State and Anticipated Needs


Child care is often perceived merely as a luxury for working parents or those lacking familial care support, rather than an essential service. This viewpoint overlooks the critical role of affordable, accessible, and professional child care in the modern economy. It's a key component not just for working families but also for the broader health, quality of life, and economic stability of a city. Indeed, child care is a vital engine driving the 21st-century economy.

Currently, Abbotsford lacks a contemporary child care strategy and an updated inventory of child care spaces. The report "Child Care in Abbotsford: Current State and Anticipated Needs" initiates the process to address this shortfall. Drawing from a comprehensive review of best practices in child care, an analysis of existing local research and data, and extensive community consultations with various stakeholders over several months, this report covers several critical areas:

Exploring the Background and Economic Context of Child Care: This section delves into the broader implications of child care in the economic landscape.

Illuminating the Current State of Child Care in Abbotsford: An overview of the present child care situation in the city.

Identifying Existing Gaps and Anticipating Future Needs for Child Care: This part highlights the current deficiencies and predicts future requirements for child care in Abbotsford.

Determining Strategic Directions, Policy Priorities, and Actionable Suggestions: The report concludes by proposing strategies, policy recommendations, and practical actions to enhance the affordability, accessibility, and availability of child care for parents, children, and families in Abbotsford over the next 15 years.

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