Better Together – Moncton’s Social Inclusion Plan


Moncton is amid a transformative period marked by dynamic growth and increasing diversity. Our population has seen a significant uptick, rising 23.9% over the past 15 years. Projections suggest that by 2046, Moncton could be home to more than 116,200 residents. This isn’t just a number; it reflects a community that is becoming more diverse and enriched across various dimensions—age, culture, language, and lived experiences.

While we celebrate this increasing diversity, we recognize that it brings opportunities and challenges. An aging population points towards future needs in healthcare, social security, and accessibility. A rising wave of cultural and sexual diversity enriches our community tapestry, necessitating inclusive policies and community engagement. The surge in recent immigration emphasizes the importance of effective integration strategies.

However, some challenges require collective action and thoughtful planning. Persistent income disparities still affect many in our community, notably vulnerable groups such as children, youth, and single parents. Housing affordability remains a pressing concern, exacerbated by increasing property values. Mental health issues are emerging as a significant area requiring immediate attention, along with public safety and broader accessibility concerns.

The “Better, Together: Moncton’s Social Inclusion Plan” aspires to be more than just a set of recommendations. It seeks to serve as a living document that drives action, innovation, and continuous improvement. Built on the foundation of an extensive needs assessment, this strategy incorporates a wealth of data, community input, and expert insights. Each section is organized around 16 foundational pillars, providing specific outcomes and actionable steps designed to address Moncton’s most pressing social issues.

Our overarching aspiration is to cultivate a Moncton where growth is expansive and inclusive. We aim to create a city where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated and where each resident feels a sense of belonging and has the opportunity to contribute to shaping the community’s future.

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