Advancing the First Nations Homelessness Action Plan

Assembly of First Nations

While HelpSeeker is a social technology company that utilizes data, platforms and algorithms to support understanding the social safety net of Canada, we realize that the heart and foundation of all that we do lies with the people on the ground - those seeking or in need of help. Our methodologies will always include quantitative and qualitative results and seek to understand those with lived experiences.

This person-centered and wholistic approach is in alignment with Indigenous research and community protocols. When we started this work we had two First Nations staff members working on this project (Monique Fry, Stó:lō and Taylor Sparklingeyes, Cree), and subsequently hired another First Nations staff member (Sade Auger, Cree) who became the lead of this work alongside Monique Fry, VP Community Success.

Given the experience that Monique has from her academic career as a researcher and her community work previously, the need to open this work with the COH and the Indigenous Advisory in Ceremony with prayer and blessings was non-negotiable. The technical aspects of a project, including the use of OCAP® principles, are just as important as ceremonial acknowledgement to ensure that all things related to this project are done in a good way. This grounded all staff on this project, even those who are non-Indigenous, and our team ensured we lived up to protocols - both western and ceremonial.

HelpSeeker proposed a three-pronged approach, a systems mapping and a body of qualitative and quantitative research to develop supporting evidence for AFN’s mandate for the development of a culturally appropriate national First Nations housing and homelessness strategy. This strategy is to complement and align with the current existing First Nations housing and related infrastructure strategy. Here are the high-level activities that we completed to provide the most accurate understanding of on and off-reserve programs and services in the time and scope that we had to work with.

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