WEBINAR:   Data Harmonization for Systems Change: Utilizing Ontologies for Cross-Sector Impact, June 13, 2024, 10am MST.   Register Here


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June 13, 2024 10:00 AM MST

Data Harmonization for Systems Change: Utilizing Ontologies for Cross-Sector Impact

In an era of complex social challenges, it is essential to recognize that while each client, program, and organization is distinct, they all contribute to a broader ecosystem. This webinar introduces an advanced ontology that bridges communication across funders, service providers, and stakeholders, ensuring data collected at the client-service interaction level is effectively aggregated to assess broader systems impacts.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Data Ontologies: Explore how data ontologies enable standardized data collection across different systems and stakeholders, facilitating meaningful dialogue and comparison.

Data Alignment Across Sectors: Learn the critical role of data alignment in providing a holistic view of systems' performance, identifying gaps, and understanding the intertwined nature of social challenges.

Lifecycle of Data with Intent: Delve into the data lifecycle, from collection to utilization, focusing on the importance of beginning with the right intent—structuring data to reflect and address the larger picture of systemic change.

Impact Analysis and Reporting: Discover methods to aggregate and analyze data to demonstrate impact, communicate findings effectively to diverse audiences, and influence decision-making.

Engagement and Feedback Mechanisms: Understand how to engage various stakeholders and create feedback loops that refine data-driven processes, enhancing outcomes and revealing system-wide gaps.


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January 31, 2023

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